Luxury Restroom Trailer for your Outdoor Wedding

Guests always pay attention to detail, from food choice, beverages, music, parking spaces and seating arrangements, but, what they will notice the most is facilities.From the Church architecture to venue decorations and everything that falls in between including restrooms, that's why its important to us to prepare and keep the upmost presentable luxury restroom trailers in California, be prepared for your outdoor wedding and make sure you book us, Californias favorite restro

Why spring is the best seaso​n to have your wedding

Spring is about re birth and land filled with flowers, not to hot nor too cold you get to choose from wide variety of colorful flowers for her wedding bouquet , its the perfect weather all across California and the right season to start a happy life, The perfect combination fo weather and green lands open the choice of having an outdoor venue, an increasing popular choice for weddings. Luxury Restroom Trailers Ca has participated in many outdoor venues with our beautiful res